About Us

My Little Baby Bug was founded in 2016 in High Point, NC. It is our mission to provide high quality baby gear and accessories that add protection, provide comfort or make parenting easier.

At My Little Baby Bug, we know how important the safety and comfort of your little bundle of joy is. We know because we have been there, too. We have experienced the joy, the excitement, and the immeasurable love. And we have also experienced the worry and the stress that comes along with it.


Who We Are

Brian Marks with sons

Brian Marks

Brian is a Pharmacist by profession and still considers that his “real job”. He works as the manager of an independent pharmacy that could be taken right out of an old TV show. A real mom & pop establishment where everyone seems like family, both staff and customers. But owning and running his own business has always been something he was driven to do. And My Little Baby Bug has become his playground. It's hard to call something he enjoys this much work. He handles what happens behind the scenes and works continuously to make My Little Baby Bug and each and every customer's experience better.


Amber Marks with children

Amber Marks,

Amber has always had a love for babies. Beginning early on with babysitting gigs and continuing later in life with daycare, preschool teaching and eventually leading to a career in nursing. She worked in the Newborn Nursery of our local hospital taking care of thousands of babies during their first moments of life. Assisting parents with those first baths. Helping new moms through the difficult early stages of breastfeeding. Rocking restless babies so that mom could get just a few minutes of sleep. She has a very unique understanding of all the concerns that a new parent would have. Which is exactly why we do what we do. She made the difficult decision to not return to work after the birth of our children. Her love of what she did could not win over her desire and goal of being a stay at home mother. But she couldn't just walk away from taking care of babies

And My Little Baby Bug was born.


What We do

We have a very strong commitment to providing quality products at an outstanding price. As such, we have begun small and will continue growing and adding additional product lines as we feel comfortable that they will meet our high standards. So check back with us frequently, we just might have something new!


Contact Us

If you’d like to get in touch with us, if you have questions, compliments or complaints, we want to hear from you. You can click the Contact Us link found on any page of our website. We will do everything we can to improve your experience.