Feeding America

My Little Baby Bug is located in High Point, NC.  Our area has been designated as a food desert.  The Gallup poll commissioned by the Food Research and Action Center in 2014 ranks the area No. 1 for people who had difficulties securing food, based on a percentage of the total population. So, hunger in America hits very close to home for us.

We have committed to doing our part, along with your help, to stop hunger in America.  We have partnered with Feeding America. The Feeding America network of food banks is leading the fight against hunger in communities nationwide.

My Little Baby Bug will donate $1 from every purchase made to Feeding America. For every $1 donated, the Feeding America network of food banks secures and distributes 11 meals to people in America facing hunger.  

Visit Feeding America at www.feedingamerica.org to learn more.