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Shipping Delays



COVID-19 has resulted in a very large spike in online ordering at My Little Baby Bug and in other businesses across the United States. 

While we have managed to keep up with that increased demand in order processing and shipping of items stored in our warehouses, that has not been the case with all of our suppliers and especially with carriers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx

 We have seen orders that we have processed same day take 14 - 21 days to actually arrive to our customers. We have opened numerous cases on behalf of our customers over the last few weeks for "missing" packages. These packages were not actually missing, they were just taking longer than usual to reach their destination. As such we were getting no response to our claims, only scripted responses about Corona virus and huge backlogs in shipping.

The good news is that no packages have been lost. They all have shown up.

But our analysis has shown that our customers who were expecting to receive their item in 3 to 7 days - as normally stated in our Shipping Policy -  have been disappointed on multiple occasions. And in some instances were not able to give a gift to a loved one on time because of these delays.

As such, we are going to temporarily change our Shipping Policy to state that deliveries may take up to 21 days. Please know that we always process your order very quickly here at My Little Baby Bug and we believe that there is no other company online that does it better. We will be tracking shipping times going forward and will change our policy back to 3 to 7 days when we feel it is safe to do so.